Fan unit for respirotary protection provides insight into unsafe behaviour

When you are responsible for the working conditions within your company, you want to do everything you can to enable your staff to work safely. If you supply respiratory protection, you also want it to be used properly, but in practice it’s not feasible to monitor this 40 hours per week. We began working on that problem and are now able to offer a solution in the form of automation.

Built-in computer in fan units

Fan units are no more than devices that draw in air through a number of filters and which blow into a mask. It is often a combination of a fan motor and a microcomputer which are supplied by a battery. The function of the microcomputer is to measure electricity consumption. After all, electricity consumption says something about the condition of the filters.

Electricity consumption provides insight into usage

The electricity consumption of the fan motor depends on the air resistance generated by the filters. By measuring this and analysing deviations, you can gain an insight into the condition of the filter cartridges and the system, for example:

Too low electricity consumption

The motor unit uses little electricity if the air drawn in encounters relatively little resistance, such as of no filter cartridges for dust, or incorrect filter cartridges have been screwed onto the unit or there aren’t any filter cartridges at all.

Too high electricity consumption

The motor unit uses little electricity if the air drawn in or the air blown into the mask encounters relatively little resistance. The air hose to the mask may have become blocked or jammed, or the air supply may have become blocked by saturated filter cartridges or another type of blockage, for example.

The system alerts the user

The Sundström Safety fan systems, SR 500 and SR 700, have their own microcomputer. Based on a number of algorithms, such as electricity consumption, the system alerts the user with a warning light, sound signal and vibration signal. You might therefore find yourself in a situation sometimes in which the system is no longer working properly and you don’t have enough overpressure in the mask. In this case, if you continue to use the mask, you run the risk of inhaling contaminated air.

Data storage for later analysis

Sundström’s systems offer even more added value. The microcomputer saves data relating to usage in its memory. This data provides an insight into how the system has been used, such as its operational life, but also the power consumed. The latter data can be used to analyse whether the user is using the system correctly and as effectively as possible.

The average power level is green, indicating that the system has been used with the correct filter cartridges. Red indicates that the system isn’t being used correctly and alarms may have been being ignored.

Reading out data in our service center or on site

We read out this data as standard during the annual maintenance we carry out on the systems, but the data can actually be read out whenever this is required. We link our laptop with software to the system in our service center or on site. In the event of any abnormalities, this is reported to the person responsible within the company.

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