Hawle Pressure Challenge: quality test on Hawle ISOII fittings

How strong is the Hawle ISOII fitting? Which will explode first: the pipe or the fitting?

Bert van der Giessen, Senior Sales Engineer at Imbema, demonstrates the new Hawle ISOII fittings during the ‘Hawle Pressure Challenge’.

The new Hawle ISOII fittings offer a number of benefits:

  • push-fit solution: enormous tensile strength
  • UV-resistant material, they have a very long service life
  • sustainable & recyclable
  • sleeve protects against dirt

In 2018, the fittings were awarded the Kiwa Water Mark, as testament to their quality and reliability.

During the Aqua Nederland Trade Fair 2018, Bert van der Giessen conducted the ‘Hawle Pressure Challenge’. He demonstrated the number of bar at which a pipe or the Hawle ISOII coupling explodes. Want to find out more? Our expert Bert van der Giessen will be pleased to help you.

Bert van der Giessen

Bert van der Giessen

Senior Sales Engineer

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