Imbema and ebatech deliver practical solutions for energy meters

As of this year, Imbema has taken over the servicing and maintenance activities for kWh and gas meters from Ebatech. The aim: to realise innovative improvements to the service offering.

The two partners will work together to achieve this aim and support each other wherever necessary. ‘Our customers want to focus on the primary process: the reporting of reliable meter data. Our aim is to take care of the metering companies’ every need by providing tailor-made practical solutions’, explains Peter Geurds, Business Unit Manager Imbema.

In mid-2018, Ebatech started looking for a partner to take over its servicing and maintenance activities. Ebatech is currently evolving rapidly in the field of ICT improvements, processes, quality and personnel. The world of metering is a special sector which is evolving rapidly; building up expertise and looking forward is essential if we are to continue providing customers in this sector with an optimum service.

‘Besides procurement and logistical processing, we have also expressed our aim to outsource our servicing and maintenance activities’, explains Ronald Saarloos, Sr. Team Manager Ebatech.

‘Right from the start of the process, Imbema took on a directive role and sat down with us to draw up a balanced plan. It is not enough just to supply reliable data: innovative improvements and analyses of faults in order to prevent them from happening again in the future are also essential aims within our partnership. We are looking forward to the collaboration in 2019 where both parties are committed to realising improvements.’

Imbema helps organisations – in industry and the energy, transport and logistics sectors – to create a safe, efficient work environment. Imbema uses the right resources and concepts to provide insight into processes and management of operational assets.

About Ebatech

Ebatech has been certified as a metering company by TenneT since 2008 and provides metering services for electricity, gas and heat. Ebatech installs main meters, collects and validates measurement data at competitive prices and displays all data collected via the web portal within 24 hours.

From left to right:

Koos Verkleij (Imbema), Ivan Siemensma (Imbema), Karin Rijs (NUON Energy NV), Ronald Saarloos (Ebatech), Peter Geurds (Imbema), Alexander Bloemers (Imbema).

Ebatech Imbema samenwerking

From left to right:

Koos Verkleij (Imbema), Ivan Siemensma (Imbema), Karin Rijs (NUON Energy NV), Ronald Saarloos (Ebatech), Peter Geurds (Imbema), Alexander Bloemers (Imbema).

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