Newlog 4 DR Mk.2 gas data logger provides gas companies with information on gas pressure in distribution system on a daily basis

Data logger with GSM modem sends accurate measurement data to plant

Companies and households with gas heating systems rely on a constant supply of gas. Gas network operators therefore regularly carry out measurements on their networks, for factors such as pressure and flow (flow rate). Nowadays, the outmoded method of collecting measurement data manually on site is no longer appropriate and is also associated with risks. Bert Bleiksloot, our specialist, explains why, and proposes a solution.

Collecting measurement data manually time-consuming with a risk of reading errors

Taking measurement data readings on site is a time-consuming task. Sometimes, people literally have to do fieldwork in order to read underground meters. In addition, there is always a risk of reading errors. Also, by the time the data can be processed, it is no longer up-to-date. So network operators are unable to intervene quickly if a problem is found. Thanks to the new real-time GSM data loggers from UK manufacturer Technolog, this is all about to change.

Integrated GSM modem and insulation class IP68 Newlog 4DR from technolog

The Newlog log 4 DR Mk2 from Technolog is a new gas data logger with integrated GSM modem. The logger is equipped with an accurate pressure sensor and is available in models for various pressure ranges. It sends real-time measurement data on gas pressures to the network operator at short intervals (standard setting: daily). Normally via the mobile phone network.

Intrinsically safe, at least 5 years of operation

The data logger is intrinsically safe and ATEX-certified for Zone 0. IP 68 insulation class ensures reliable operation, even in extremely humid environments. The battery guarantees at least 5 years of trouble-free operation. Batteries can be easily changed. On location, data can be reliably read with a laptop or PDA. Readings are even faster and easier if the special GASCORE platform is used.

GASCORE: Web-based platform for data management

In collaboration with Technolog, we can offer network operators GASCORE, the web-based platform.

What does this platform offer?

  • Collection and presentation of data collected.
  • Downloading of data to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Specific site information, such as location and photos of the installation.

Efficient and reliable management of distribution networks

We offer data hosting with a number of options. A complete service for data acquisition, analysis, monitoring and reporting. It all adds up to making the efficient and reliable operation of distribution networks a lot easier and less time-consuming. The service includes the following:

  • Reports in a proprietary layout.
  • Files in universal CSV format.
  • Downloading of data via a secure server.
  • Data link with external systems.

Want to find out more?

Want to find out more about the Newlog 4 DR? Take a look at our product overview. Or contact Bert Bleiksloot (The Netherlands) or Ahmed Raji (Belgium) at the following address or using the online contact form.

Bert Bleiksloot

Bert Bleiksloot

Product Manager Energie

Ahmed Raji

Ahmed Raji

Senior Sales Engineer
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