Quick, safe and easy loading and unloading

With the Aluflex curtainsider system and multisave load restraint system

The latest trailers from MCB are fitted with an Aluflex curtainsider system and Multisave load restraint system. In the video below, our colleague Koert le Pair demonstrates how easy these systems are to use.

Aluflex curtainsider system

The Aluflex curtainsider system consists of lightweight aluminium panels which you easily slide open and closed, saving you a lot of time during opening. There is no tarpaulin to undo or posts to remove. With the Aluflex curtainsider system, you usually slide the whole side back.

For more information, see the Aluflex curtainsider system page.

Multisave Load Restraint System

With the Multisave load restraint system, you can position posts in various places in your semi-trailer or trailer and use them to divide goods into separate blocks, reducing the number of lashing straps required. If you divide them up well, loading and unloading can be carried out quicker. In addition, by using the Multisave system there is no chance of the goods slipping which improves safety too!

For more information, go to the Multisave load restraint system page.

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