Smart detection key for testing the condition of heating networks

Measure and document the condition of shut-off valves and ball valves in your heating network. Find out which ones require attention and the right time to take action. The smart detection key for shut-off valves enables you to keep a close eye on the state of your assets.

For heating networks (just like water companies), it is essential for all valves to work properly. Only then can you take action effectively in the event of a calamity. Even more importantly: keeping a close eye on the condition will enable you to prevent calamities. With well-planned maintenance, you can manage your assets preventively rather than reactively.

Smart detection with the smart shut-off valve key

Imbema has a smart detection key which heating companies can use to digitally monitor their shut-off valves. Normally, the valves are opened and closed manually once a year in order to make sure that the valve is working properly. This process is prone to error as it relies on peoples’ interpretations. The smart shut-off valve key records a lot more detailed information than a person, making it much easier for you to detect deviations by making comparisons with earlier measurements and factory specifications.monitoring shut-off valve condition graph

The smart shut-off valve key is pre-programmed with all the valves to be checked and their relevant properties, making the job a lot easier for the maintenance engineer:

  • no interpretation errors
  • immediately clear what force is required in order to open the shut-off valve
  • all data are processed completely digitally


Innovating together for a safer heating network which is easier to maintain

Together with water companies and heating companies, Imbema is working on the further development of this solution so that it can respond to even more specific customer requirements. So we have developed an extra ‘noise detection’ facility for a water company: the digital noise recording gives the maintenance engineer an even better idea of whether or not the valve closes tightly.

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