Sustainable protection for steel pipes and fittings

Densolen® tape systems have been used succesfully since 1971

The trend-setting process of development started last century, at the end of the 1960s and the start of the 1970s, when our German partner DENSO GmbH, the only company in the world to have produced a co-extrusion three-ply tape, developed a butyl rubber tape called DENSOLEN® to be applied cold for wrapping around pipes.

Now, more than forty years later, DENSOLEN® tapes and DENSOLEN® tape systems are still being used to provide sustainable corrosion protection for underground steel pipes, welded connections, elbows and pipe fittings.

The invention of the first three-ply composite tape (DENSOLEN®-S40) by DENSO GmbH in 1971 was followed by another development approximately 10 years later, namely the production of asymmetrical three-ply tapes like the ones which are primarily used today. DENSOLEN® tape systems have been used during the construction of large-scale pipelines and for pipeline renovation projects since 1971 – with very successful results. Constant improvements and the use of modern polyethylene materials mean that DENSOLEN® tape systems are still seen as “state-of-the-art technology”!

There are various ways in which DENSOLEN® tapes can be combined to create tape systems. All the systems have one thing in common with each other: the fact that a so-called “self-vulcanising” three-ply tape or a butyl rubber tape is always used for the innermost layer of corrosion protection. Only tapes of this type self-amalgamate at overlap points when applied, forming a completely closed sleeve-type coating which is totally impermeable to water vapour and oxygen.

How DENSOLEN® tapes work


  • High mechanical strength and resistant to chemicals
  • High electrical resistance
  • Totally impermeable to water vapour and oxygen
  • Outstanding adhesion to metal and plastic
  • Age-resistant
  • Very easy to use and highly effective
  • International test certificates confirm the high quality of these DENSOLEN® tape systems.

Take a look at our product catalogue for an overview of the wide variety of applications and DENSOLEN® products as well as tools for applying DENSOLEN® tapes.

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