Work safely on gas connections with the latest TBA-device

How can you work safely and without outflow of gas when restoring gas connection pipes in accordance with VIAG VWI G-17? By collaborating with gas pipeline network operators, we came up with a solution: the TBA!

TBA case 2018The completely new Temporary Borehole Seal (TBA) is now available for creating a temporary seal for gas connectors while working on main pipes. So you can temporarily seal the borehole in the main pipe safely and without any outflow of gas, while you replace the gas connection pipes.

What is new?

The new practical case is full of smart innovations: the TBA device is now lightweight. Plus: you now have one complete TBA case for all gas connectors! The TBA is a unique device that can be used with plastic and steel attachments.

How does the TBA work?

Use the TBA to create a temporary seal in the form of a diaphragm in the borehole.

Remove the gas connector safely: the counter-pressure from the locking pin seals the borehole in the main pipe.

This unique patented system is suitable for both plastic, steel, cast iron and AC.

Once the connection has been replaced and a GLW adapter has been fitted, the diaphragm can simply be removed without any free outflow of gas from the borehole. This unique system is also suitable for replacing new GLW adapters when the saddles leak.

Want to find out more about the TBA?

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