Do you use respiratory protection properly, or are you taking a turn of the wheel of occupational illness?

Who doesn’t know the TV quiz the ‘Wheel of Fortune’? Whoever takes a turn of the wheel often has the opportunity to take home some great prizes. However, there are also people who take a turn of the wheel without knowing that they will be going home with something they hadn’t asked for, such as an occupational illness. How is that possible and how do we prevent it?

If respiratory protection is used incorrectly, things can go terribly wrong

Personal protective equipment is used for particular work processes. If used incorrectly, things can go terribly wrong, such as in the case of respiratory protection. If you wear respiratory protection but don’t work with it properly, you will be exposed to harmful substances, so every time you are taking a turn of the wheel of occupational illnesses, without even realising it. There is a major possibility that it will make you ill or even chronically ill.

Six tips for preventing you and your employees from turning the wheel

Nobody wants to take a turn of the “Wheel of Occupational Illnesses”, but you don’t have to, so long as you’re wearing respiratory protective equipment properly whilst you’re working. That doesn’t take much effort, but with these six tips,

you are already much of the way there:

Immerse yourself in the available aids and systems. What is available on the market and what does it do?

  1. Immerse yourself in the risks. What do I need to protect myself against?
  2. Allow yourself to be taught/trained by expert advisers.
  3. Keep up to date with developments in products and standards. Ask regularly professional advice
  4. Even if it meets the standard, never assume that it is good enough for your situation.
  5. Ask yourself from time to time if there is a better or easier way of doing things, as this will allow you to make a nice cost saving too.

We help you

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