Industrial seals for your hose couplings; that’s handy

Imbema has been supplying hoses and couplings to industry, as well as the shipping, storage and transshipment industries, for a long time now. When installing these hose assemblies, we always advise replacing any gaskets right away, so our customers often had to go searching for the right type of seal. Eric van Leeuwen, Sector Manager at Imbema, says that this is no longer necessary.

Choosing the correct gasket no mean feat

Hoses and couplings are widely used to transport gases, liquids or solids from A to B, from methanol to steam and from bitumen to milk powder. When attaching hoses to a fixed component, such as the tank, pump or machine, a gasket is what creates the seal. In turn, every medium being pumped has its own specific properties, making choosing the correct gasket no mean feat.

We take care of it

Whereas in the past our customers had to go searching for the correct gasket themselves, now you can order gaskets at the same time as your hoses and couplings. Based on the connection, diameter, medium, pressure and temperature, we ensure that your hose comes with the correct gaskets.

Wide range

We’re the place to come for the correct seal for any application. Even if you haven’t bought your hoses from us, we will be happy to help you. Just tell is the size, type of medium, temperature and pressure.

First two thousand gaskets free

If you will be ordering a hose with flange connection from us in the near future, you can now also expect to receive gaskets free of charge. We are giving away the first two thousand flange gaskets free of charge. In this way you get to know our new range now.

Can we help you?

Can we help you with a gasket? Call us at 088 – 130 6030 and ask for the Offshore, Maritime and Process Industry department. Or ask a question via the contact form below.

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