More attention for blind spot assistance

Rob van Moosdijk is the inventor of the Lisa Life Saver, a blind spot assistant that warns cyclists and pedestrians who are standing next to the truck with a beep for lorry trucks. Van Moosdijk developed the system after he himself witnessed an accident in which a child was run over by a truck and died on the spot. He has been campaigning for years to spot the blind spot problem and is now in the magazine Truckstar.

Lisa2Alert helps reducing the blind-spot-incidents

According to a study by TU Delft, blind spot assistant Lisa2alert could reduce the number of blind spot crashes by 35 percent. However, the system is officially not allowed, because the beep that the Lisa2Alert Life Saver generates is greater than the number of decibels a truck is allowed to produce. Why is the blind spot system then used by a large number of transport companies and government agencies?

Van Moosdijk has been conducting a crusade for years to have the legislation adjusted so that the blind spot system can be legally installed. He talks to the government to get this subject on the political agenda. It helps if it is supported by as many reactions as possible.

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