Prevent fatal blind spot incidents with the Lisa2Alert

This year, there have already been more fatal road accidents in The Hague than last year. Some of those fatal road accidents could have been prevented by a simple blind spot assist. In the AD newspaper of last Wednesday 26 November, the families of the victims argued in favour of the mandatory introduction of the Lisa2Alert blind spot assist.

Elly Winkel, who set up the National Organisation for Traffic Accident Victims following the death of her son, maintains that some of the accidents could be prevented by a simple system. Lisa2Alert makes sure that, if a truck driver puts on his indicator, cyclists and pedestrians will be alerted by a visual and audible signal. An audible signal is also given in the cab, prompting the driver to check his mirrors particularly closely.

Scientific research has proven the effectiveness of the Lisa2Alert blind spot assist

Various studies, including ones carried out TU Delft, have described the system as a (cost-)effective method. Companies like Blokker but also the municipalities of Amsterdam and Maastricht have already installed it on their trucks. However, it is not yet compulsory and that angers Winkel.

Read the whole article on the Algemeen Dagblad website (this article is Dutch):

A lot of fatal accidents could be prevented by a simple system.

Algemeen Dagblad - Lisa2Alert dode hoek systeem

Dutch government will take measures against blind spot problem

The House of Representatives also believes that measures must be taken. The motion (submitted by the CDA member Von Martels) to investigate whether it is possible to oblige the Lisa2alert blind spot assistant is finally accepted. The government will also start a long-term campaign to draw people’s attention to the dangers of the blind spot in trucks. Now we have to wait until it is actually executed.

Want to get to know more about the Lisa2Alert blind spot assistent?

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