SBS – Security & Monitoring Solutions

SBS security solutions form part of the range offered by Imbema. With our broad offering (electronic) locks, shipment integrity and monitoring solutions, we help to increase security, monitoring and efficiency of transportation, cargo and shipments. Our solutions are developed in collaboration with customers and suppliers. Innovation is teamwork!


Theft of vans, lorries and trailers is happening all the time in the Benelux. Attempted burglaries often cause damage to the hatches, doors or tarpaulins of the trailer. We have a wide range of security products available to protect your vehicle, tools and cargo against theft – from mechanical locks to high-end lock systems that incorporate telematics.

Container 42 is fitted with SBS lock solution

The hyper-intelligent Container 42 is fitted with our SBS BDI lock solution. With this advanced high-end lock Container 42 will be secured and locked all the time instead of being at risk of easily being opened from the outside. The SBS containerlock is installed on the inside of the container and can be opened or closed in a personalised manner using a transponder or a pin code. The container lock can be used to check when, where and by whom the container has been opened.


“One of the main challenges when transporting foodstuffs is ensuring the correct temperature during transportation”, explains Jos van den Hurk (Manager Fleet & Equipment at H&S Group). Our customers want to know exactly what goes on with their product during transportation. That is why we wanted to find a solution for tracking, monitoring and managing the tanks. Remotely. So not only do we have an insight into their location and condition but we can even take action if the temperature threatens to go below the minimum or above the maximum.”

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