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SBS security & monitoring solutions form part of the range offered by Imbema. With our broad offering (electronic) locks, shipment integrity and monitoring solutions, we help to increase security, monitoring and efficiency of transportation, cargo and shipments. Our solutions are developed in collaboration with customers and suppliers. Innovation is teamwork!

Transport security and shipment monitoring

Burglary in trucks and containers is the order of the day. The number of cargo thefts continues to rise and stowaways cause increasing amounts of damage to cargo. Even if the break-in attempt fails, it often causes damage to the vehicle. To protect your truck, containers and cargo against break-ins, theft and stowaways; we have different types of transport security available. From mechanical locks to electronic lock solutions with telematics and cargo monitoring systems. Are you stuck? Fill in the contact form and our specialists will help you further.

SBS Fox: Fox revolutionary smart trailer lock

SBS Fox; smart trailer lock 

At the upcoming IAA in Hannover (Hall 25, C71), we will be introducing the SBS Fox. The SBS Fox works without keys or batteries, using an app on your phone. No battery and no keys to lose. And therefore no administration of who has which key. The planner can see on the computer which phone was used and at what time the lock was opened. This way you always know who has been at the load and when. For more information, visit us at the IAA or contact us.

TAPA partner

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is a trade association that helps minimise losses of assets in the supply chain. Like TAPA, our aim is to prevent transport crime and cargo theft. That is why we became a TAPA premier partner this year, in addition to being a TAPA service provider. As a TAPA security service provider, we are always up to date with the latest requirements and know what our locks have to meet. We also offer our customers support in obtaining TSR certification. This is possible with our SBS security solutions.

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Protect your cargo efficiently with the new Hornet electronic trailer lock

They may protect against cargo theft but electronic security solutions are also very expensive. And they become even more expensive if, as a result of the position of the lock, the trailer can carry one less pallet. Imbema found a solution for this problem: they developed the Hornet trailer lock, which distinguishes itself from existing security locks through its position, operation and installation. Moreover, it also meets TAPA TSR 1 requirements.

Real-time insight into your shipments

Optimal control over your transport is nowadays necessary. The links in the supply chain increasingly want real-time information about the cargo and be informed if something happens on the road. That is possible with our SBS Information System. An online portal via which you, as the carrier or shipping agent, can manage the security, integrity and condition of your cargo while it is in transit.


“One of the main challenges when transporting foodstuffs is ensuring the correct temperature during transportation”, explains Jos van den Hurk (Manager Fleet & Equipment at H&S Group). Our customers want to know exactly what goes on with their product during transportation. That is why we wanted to find a solution for tracking, monitoring and managing the tanks. Remotely.”


“Our pharmaceutical customers place ever-increasing security requirements on transportation. In addition to a high level of security, they also want to be able to track the location and condition of the cargo.” Charles Hermens (Drivers & Fleet team manager at GVT) explains. “In order to meet these requirements, we have obtained TAPA TSR certification. For this purpose we have equipped 20 vehicles with the electronic SBS Inlock trailer lock.”

SBS Inlok trailerslot -  VTS - Tapa TSR 1 certificering


“Customers with high-value goods are requiring more and more security for them during transportation, such as who does – and doesn’t – have access to the cargo”, says Jordy Versteijnen (Fleet Manager at GVT). “At the same time, we want to give our drivers a greater sense of security. So we decided to fit the tailgates and doors on our new combinations with your SBS security locks.

GVT voorziet wagens van SBS beveiligingsoplossing

We are happy to help

For more information, contact our security specialists. They will be happy to help by providing appropriate advice.

Frits Hofma

Frits Hofma

Cargo Security Specialist Central Northern Europe
Roeland Zwier

Roeland Zwier

Cargo Security Specialist Southern Europe

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    SBS security and monitoring solutions are available across Europe. From our headquarters in Nieuwerkerk aan de IJssel, we serve the Netherlands and surrounding countries. But also in other European countries we have sales dealers (blue) and service partners (red).

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