Ergobar; lightweight aluminium cargo bar

For securing cargo in the loading body quickly and easily

The ergonomic design of the Ergobar cargo bar makes it extremely lightweight. The easily adjustable length and user-friendly lever enable you to install the cargo bar quite easily with one hand, reducing the risk of muscle and joint problems.


  • Lightweight aluminium (4.5 kg)
  • Length: 2400-2850 mm/2670-3470 mm
  • Width: 40 mm
  • Patented double spring system
  • Certified for a max. blocking force of 150 daN

“The use of cargo bars is proving to be quite a strenuous task in practice. I regularly hear drivers talking about back or joint problems. It doesn’t have to be like that. The lightweight Ergobar cargo bar makes it very easy to secure your cargo safely without physical exertion.”

Karel Straatman – Cargo securing specialist

Take a look at the Safeload Ergobar cargo bar

The benefits


The Ergobar is certified to EN 12195-1 for a maximum blocking force of 150 daN so that your cargo will remain safely secured at all times.


The Ergobar cargo bar has a patented double spring system consisting of a light-duty spring and a heavy-duty spring.


The lightweight design and easy-to-use lever enable the cargo bar to be installed with one hand (reducing the risk of joint problems).

Patented two-spring system

This patented system enables the Ergobar cargo bar to be used in two different main positions:

Parking position

Using the light-duty spring, you can clamp the Ergobar between floor and roof under a constant force of approximately 30 kg. For example, if you are driving without a load, cargo bars that are not being used can easily be set up next to each other without damaging the roof.

Clamping position

The clamping position is activated by first adjusting the cargo bar to the correct length and then operating the lever. This secures the cargo by applying a permanent clamping force of 81 kg or 152 kg (depending on the Ergobar model).

Ergobar variants:

Besides foot-foot, the Ergobar is also available as a foot-plug or plug-plug variant so that the cargo bar can be secured horizontally or vertically in a cargo rail.


Standard foot-plug

Article: 50059129

Length: 2400-2850 mm


Long foot-plug

Article: 50059130

Length: 2670-3470 mm

Ergobar ladingstang plug plug

Standard plug-plug

Article: 50059131

Length: 2400-2850 mm

Ergobar ladingstang plug plug

Long plug-plug

Article: 50059132

Length: 2670-3470 mm

Ergobar ladingstang voet voet

Standard foot-foot

Article: 50059117

Length: 2400-2850 mm

Ergobar ladingstang voet voet

Long foot-foot

Article: 50059122

Length: 2670-3470 mm

Ergobar ladingstang rek

Ergobar rack

Article: 50059121

H x W: 1420 x 720 mm


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