Tapa TSR certification according to 2020 standards


In July 2020, TAPA introduced the new TAPA TSR 2020 standard. This means that when your TSR 2017 certification expires, you must meet these new security requirements when you recertify. But do you know what the differences are between the TSR 2017 and TSR 2020 requirements? And what changes and modifications do you need to make to meet the TAPA TSR 2020 requirements, regarding trailer security and telematics? We’re happy to list them for you, so you can go into the recertification process well prepared.

TAPA TSR 2020 requirements

The main changes in the TAPA TSR 2020 standard regarding physical security of transportation are:
– the sea container is introduced as a new TSR asset
– modifications to track and trace equipment
– audible alarm system on trailers and trucks

Sea container

The new TAPA TSR 2020 standard besides hard- and soft sided trucks, rigid vans and fixed body trucks now also cover the road transport segment for sea containers level 1, 2 and 3.

Tracking and tracing

A tracking device must be installed in a covert location in the truck/van tractor, trailer/container and, where available, must be capable of utilizing at least two methods of signaling such as:

1: 3G or 4G or 5G
2: SMS/GPRS using GSM
4: Satellite tracking device

The standard “reporting interval” for tracking units should not be less than one report every five minutes. Trackers shall be equipped with a backup battery capable of maintaining the signal capacity of the tracker for at least 24 hours. This shall include sending out at least one “report frequency” every five minutes, without an external power supply.

Audible alarm system on trailers and trucks

When the doors of the cabin or cargo area of the truck are opened unauthorized, an alarm system shall send a signal to an authorized control room and activates an audible (acoustic) high decibel alarm. The alarm system must be tested at least every six months.

What is a TAPA certification?

To reduce transportation crime and cargo theft, TAPA and its members establish new supply chain security standards every three years. When you as a shipper or carrier meet these guidelines you may call yourself TAPA certified. You will then receive a TAPA certificate that you can use to prove that you meet all the requirements with regard to the security of the goods. Imbema is a member of TAPA as a service provider. This means that our SBS security solutions are suitable for TSR certification. We also advise our customers on how to obtain TAPA certification.

Want to learn more about the TAPA TSR 2020 standard?

For the complete TAPA TSR 2020 standards, view the TAPA TSR 2020 document or contact our security specialists for information.

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